Frontend stack

Figma prototyping, Git versioning, HTML, CSS, javascript, JQuery, SVG, webfonts, React. Experience with SCSS, gulp, bootstrap. Yet little experience with Webpack, BEM and other instruments I'd love to practice more.

Backend & DevOps

Experience with Debian Linux, Apache web server, nginx, mysql, Twig, Drupal 9, Wordpress. Some experience with PHP programming language, Red Hat Linux, Docker. Little experience with Node.js, PostgreSQL.

Soft Skills

Working in distributed teams big and small. Working on small web projects completly on my own. Strong communication skills both in English and in Russian. Managerial experience. Creative talent. Passion for the better web.

Isaac Nightingale

Isaac Nightingale

The official website of a music star composer, song writer, singer. A resident of the Cafe Del Mar label, winner of musical awards. Re-designed in 2018

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