From small landing to a fully functional web node to carry on advanced business functions besides plain taking leads. Support via tickets, managing mailing lists, managing contents such as news, goods, basic pages, locations, contact forms, articles. Turn-key solutions. Simply Beatiful & Efficient.


Users ought to be able to use website’s functions necessary for their respective roles. Regular backups of data and files are important to be able to restore everything in case of an internet disaster. Updates of server software must be done to prevent intrusions. In order to improve efficiency monitoring and analytics of users activity must be done as often as possible. Based on euristics, insight and anlysis some customizations of code and design is to be done. Hidden bugs are discovered or with advance of technology the new better coding patterns evolve so frontend HTML-templates and CSS-files must reflect this evolution. Small improvements and agile web development are the rule of success today. Regular day-to-day support tasks is the way to keep your website shiny, modern and lively.

Ads, S.E.O., Traffic

There are only three sources of traffic: Search Engines, Paid Ads and Direct Traffic (through links on other websites and offline media). We must use all sources and methods wisely, knowingly, strategically.

Isaac Nightingale

Isaac Nightingale

The web site represents a widely known musician, singer, composer, a resident of the Cafe Del Mar label, the winner of musical awards and participant of “the best electronic music project of Russia in 2014”, participant of miscelaneous TV and Radio shows. Check it out!

Visit isaacnightingale.com

Tourne Travel agency

The Travel agency is a leader in bringing Chineese tourists to Siberia (and Russia in general). The website is multilingual and it is being updated by in-house staff of my client. Technically I support it providing everything from hosting to development of new features for the web site.

Visit tourne.club


Vista Optical LLC

A corporate site for the exclusive representative of Indo brand in Russia. Update functions are on the clinent‘s side. I do all the technical and design stuff here.

Visit VistaOptical.ru

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