To create and launch a functionally fairly advanced web site — I can do all the work alone with my only couple of hands and a head attached to them. If you plan a complex web development project then we would normally have to manage a team of webdev professionals. Let's talk and draw before we start coding anything.


Web sites must properly function. Users must be always able to update data and contents and use all the website's functions. So we will need to save regular backups. We will need to fine tune, update server software, maybe customize some pieces of the software more deeply. We also may need to re-code frontend HTML-templates and CSS-files for minor fixes and improvements. And so on. Small daily tasks, so to say.


Advertisement tools: landing pages, A/B tests, context ads networks, data mining software etc... and let us add a bit of creative thinking. Search Engine Site Optimization: miscelaneous structured and marked-up pieces of site content etc... for best visibility in internet search engines. Web sites need quality traffic like a fish needs water.

Isaac Nightingale

Huge experience

I have helped businesses to attract more quality internet traffic to their branded web sites & landing pages through S.E.O. & context advertising.


Sharp skills

I have been engaged in a number of large scale corporate projects as a web consultant, web designer, web developer, web project manager, web producer, web editor and so on and so forth.



Constant Learning

Now I continue to do IT. I learn and practice the quickly evolving internet media technologies thanks for your ideas, your stamina and your money. This is the way I serve you professionally. Your are welcome in my world, and let me be your bold but humble guide! :)


For orders call me or text me